Getting the most out of marketing

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Organizations are getting flatter. Deadlines shorter. Time to market faster. That means there are more expectations on knowing and working with different functional areas within an organization. As the silos that once separated different departments meld together, there’s more demand for collaboration across areas of expertise. So what happens when you’re called to work with marketing? What should you bring to the table? What can you expect in return? How can you come together to create the best end product? Catherine Pettersson, a marketing consultant with more than 20 years of experience, coaches you on getting the most out of marketing.
▪ Introduction provides a short context-setting of why this is important and then reviews the “usual suspects” of areas where collaboration is required:
▪ Internal communications
▪ Recruitment marketing
▪ Image marketing
▪ Drawing the lines of responsibility—business vs. marketing: What are the 
typical collateral (presentations, brochures, case studies, web content) and the hand-off points between the functions?
▪ Understanding the end goal: On a marketing value chain that starts with awareness and ends with loyalty, where can you expect your collaboration to land? And what are the dos and don’ts for working with marketing that will make your effort a productive and rewarding experience for the entire organization.


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