Inspiring people

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Truly effective leaders are able to inspire positive changes in those who follow. They are generally energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate and through the strength of their vision and personality, these leaders are able to inspire followers to change expectations, perceptions, and motivations to work towards common goals.

This course presents ideas and suggestions that will enable you to develop these attributes and to inspire every member of your team to succeed.

• To enable participants to learn the characteristics of inspirational leaders
• To enable participants to learn about different leadership styles
• To raise participants’ awareness of their own leadership style
• To enable participants to develop flexibility in using different styles
• To enable participants to learn how to adapt their style to fit the situation

Target Audience
This course is aimed at team leaders or supervisors, who need to have the ability to inspire confidence, motivation and a sense of purpose in the team and to encourage creativity and self-reliance in the team members.

The skills learned will help the team leader to build trust within the team and this, in turn, will help the team develop more confidence in their leader.


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