Leading teams

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Traditional management structures based on hierarchies and chains of command are no longer the rule in modern organizations. Today, decision making from above has changed to interdepartmental, project orientated approaches. One implication of this change is that people in companies need to function more inter-dependently and therefore have to become more effective at working in teams and working together synergistically to achieve their common goals.

This course presents ideas and suggestions that will enable you to build and lead your team and to inspire every member of your team to succeed.

• To enable participants to learn the principles of teamwork
• To learn how to focus on the Task/Team/Individual at the same time
• To enable participants to learn about the stages of team development
• To raise participants’ awareness of team dynamics
• To enable participants to help their team be a more powerful & cohesive

Target Audience
This course is aimed at team leaders or supervisors, who need to develop the skills necessary for effective leadership of teams by achieving results through people, clarifying their goals, nurturing their talent, harnessing their potential and ensuring that the inter-personal elements are well managed.


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