Selling snowballs in Alaska

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Successful salespeople have long enjoyed the myth that they know things the rest of us don’t. That their success is due to their finesse with slick sales speak that take years of practice and “a certain personality” to pull off. The truth is that the same skills that make the most successful salespeople effective are the same basic communication skills each of us can - and should - be practicing in our everyday life. In this course we’ll review what successful salespeople have understood all along: It’s the most fundamental communication skills that build the connections between people (listening, hearing, understanding). And these skills work regardless of whom you're speaking to. The danger of making assumptions (intent vs. impact). We’ll review examples of how easily and often this is the case, and provides simple strategies to make sure that what they’re hearing is the same thing as what you said (and vice versa!).
• The art of being curious. For too many, listening is really just time you spend being polite while waiting for your turn to talk again. Understand the value to you of letting the other guy get a word in. Once they're talking, learn how to listen powerfully!
• What’s in it for them? The foundation of all effective persuasive rhetoric focuses on helping the other guy see why they should care about what you have to say. Easier said than done? We’ll review concrete ways to help your 
listener make the connection.


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