Social Media Marketing, The devil is in the details

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Building a successful e-Marketing campaign consists of careful planning, and message creation, in order to delivery a cross channel, synchronized marketing campaign using a variety of specialized tools. The campaign must have a purpose, whether it is to increase sales, raise awareness, or create dialogue. But regardless of the campaign goals, the methods of planning, construction, testing and delivery, as well as post campaign analysis, remains the same. A successful campaign will, of course, engage the intended audience in the desired activity but is also a valuable feedback mechanism, and can be built on for further e-marketing campaigns in a cycle of engagement, retention, inclusion and dialogue.

In this course we’ll examine integrated e-marketing. What is integrated e-marketing? What types of tools and platforms are involved? We'll discuss methods of building, testing, delivering and analyzing the campaign results, as well as the importance of using tests, and post campaign analysis.

Campaign building methodology:

• Determine purpose of campaign (goals, target audience, selection criteria, appropriate channels, database)
• Determine channels, metrics and media platforms (specific tools, landing pages, micro sites, measurement capabilities, dashboards, measurement methods, multi-channel publishing tools)
• Craft the message, build the supporting frameworks with access to back end tools (database, micro sites, landing pages, ad words, paid search, social networks, professional networks)
• Learn what A/B Split testing or multivariate testing means, and how to analyze and correct actions
• Delivering cross platform messages to target audience (website, micro sites, email, SMS, social media, professional networks)
• Post campaign analysis and measurement


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