Tricks of the Tradeshow

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Trade shows and conferences can be fantastic meeting places for companies looking to connect with the people who could most benefit from the products or services they have to offer. Done right, a well-managed trade show can achieve more in a few days than in weeks or months back at the office. Generate new leads, spotlight your company profile, catch up on industry news, check out the competition, spot trends and get press all at the same time. And they can open doors to new business opportunities long after the event is over. But too often, they are routine "to-dos" that creep up on us, get thrown together at the last minute and fail to live up to their potential. !
What things need to be considered long before the event itself? What are the best ways to make sure that, once at the show, potential visitors to your booth feel interested and comfortable in approaching it? What sales techniques should your staff be comfortable with to engage with visitors to your booth? How do you make sure that your presence at this year’s show is worth the time, energy and money you’ve put into it?
▪ Before the event: Are you sure there is value in attending a show? The trade show and conference industries are booming - how do you pick which one to attend? Once you've decided to go, what internal meetings need to happen? Booth planning to consider? What are the critical questions that need to be considered that will shape your presence at the show?
▪ During the event: We'll review concrete do’s and don’ts that staff need to know to help visitors feel interested and comfortable in approaching your booth.
▪ After the event: What needs to happen to make sure that leads are followed up on and to ensure success at next year’s show?


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